Lisa Camillo

Director Writer Cinematographer Producer

Lisa Camillo is a passionate human rights-driven filmmaker and anthropologist with a clear and original vision of the projects she creates and is involved with. She's a skillful producer, script writer, director and cinematographer. Deep, meaningful and heart-felt, her work is poetry meeting visual experience.

Following her Masters in International Development she had a rich experience in Aboriginal communities, which gave her an invaluable experience and knowledge of Aboriginal culture and strong connections with Indigenous communities. She received several community health projects' awards in her work for developing, implementing community-based programs and activities to increase healthawareness among Aboriginal communities.

She is a natural and intuitive award-winning director, a graduate of the Sydney Film School, with a strong cinematic vision that beautifully matches feelings with visual imagery with a precise attention to details. 

Her ambition is to be part of the global response to poverty, inequality and climate crisis, through visual mediums and via her films, to move, touch and inspire others to positive and immediate action.