Balentes Films is a Sydney-based enterprise, that produces creative, unique and out of the box content, for tv, cinema and the web for commercial and non-commercial purposes.  We have created award-winning documentaries that travelled across the world in several international film festivals. We span from short films, to features and tv series.  

Balentes Films push boundaries with innovative ideas, to produce content 'outside the box', using not just your standard advertising medium but finding different avenues to engage an audience. To move and inspire audiences to social change.

Balentes Films mixes European aesthetics and poetry, deep, meaningful and heart-felt story, with a strong visual experience and unique ideas. Having experience in music and song writing, our team masterfully matches tempo and melodies with motion pictures, in order to enhance scenes and to intentionally evoke particular moods and emotions.

Balentes Films’ desired outcome is to have an inspirational and transformative and moving effect on the audience. Balentes Films wants to challenge the Status Quo, to heal and ultimately awaken our conscience and communal awareness, by using an anthropological approach to their documentaries.

Using an anthropological approach to capture the human nature, and life, in order to create an experience that is real, and shares a common human experience.  

Balentes Films’ objective is to be part of the film industry to produce high quality non-fiction and fiction films that raise the level of public debate on human rights and environmental issues.