You need passion to tell a story worth telling
— Lisa Camillo


Lisa Camillo is a Sydney-based director, writer, producer and presenter, who produces creative, unique, and meaningful content for tv, cinema, websites and social media- for commercial and non-commercial purposes. She's a passionate human rights-driven filmmaker and anthropologist (MA in International Development) .

Lisa has directed, produced and wrote award-winning documentaries and films that travelled across the world in several international film festivals. She spans from short films, to features, to tv series, to fashion and music videos. 

Lisa Camillo pushes boundaries with innovative ideas, to produce content 'outside the box', using not just your standard advertising medium but finding different avenues to engage an audience. 

Lisa Camillo mixes European aesthetics with a strong visual experience.

She is a natural and intuitive award-winning director, graduate of the SYDNEY FILM SCHOOL, with a strong cinematic vision, that beautifully matches feelings with visual imagery with a precise attention to details.

Being a MUSICIAN and SONGWRITER for 16 years gave her the skills to masterfully match tempo and melodies with motion pictures, in order to enhance scenes and to intentionally evoke particular moods and emotions.

She also shoots aerials with both Drones and on Helicopters. Own equipment to shoot and edit.

Among her best work as a Writer, Director and Producer: LIVE THROUGH THIS which won 3 prizes and was nominated in eight film festivals around the world; REQUIEM, a five-minute philosophical single long shot drama, part one of a trilogy; and BALENTES an upcoming 80 minute feature documentary, which is already receiving extensive local and international media exposure and interest from film festivals around the world.



‘Balentes - The Brave Ones’ feature Documentary, 84min, 2018. Role as Director, Producer, Writer and Narrator.

  • Australian Cinema Release, with Palace Cinemas part of Lavazza Film Festival, with 33+ screenings across Australian main cities

  • Guest Judge of Lavazza Film Festival

  • Official Selection at MIA- Mercato Internazionale Audiovisivo, Rome, Italy, under the section Italians Doc It Better

  • More TBA.

'Live Through This' documentary, 8min, 2013, Role as Director, Cinematographer and Producer.

  • CourageCuriosityCompassion Documentary Award- Film Ink

  • Best Music Award- AGSC

  • Official Selection at Flickerfest- Flickerfest

  • Official Selection at Antenna Film Festival- Antenna Film Festival

  • Second Prize Winner at the Backyard Film Festival- Backyard Film Festival

  • Official Selection at the Short Film Social- Official Selection at the Short Film Social

  • Official Selection at Seen & Heard Film Festival- Seen & Heard Film Festival

  • Awarded 1st Class Award and entry into the Final Round at The "Tech-ex Cup" Awards Ceremony at Zhejiang University of Media and Communications (Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China)

  • Official Selection to WOW Film Festival, the Festival of Women in Film, 2016.


Catherine Britt's Video Clip 'Boneshaker', 3 min, 2014, TribalApes Production Company, Role as Director.

  • Finalist in the 44th CMAA Country Music Video Clip Awards of Australia- Golden Guitar Awards- Winner TBA in 2016.


'Requiem' One Long Shot Short Film, 5 min, 2016. Role as Director, Writer, Producer, DOP.

  • Official Selection to ONE TAKE FILM FESTIVAL, Zagreb, Croatia, 2016.

  • Official Selection to FLORENCE FILM FESTIVAL, Florence, Italy, 2017.

  • Official Selection to CLERMONT FERRAND SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, Clermont-Ferrand, France, 2017


At Balentes - The Brave Ones Premiere Night in Melbourne

At Balentes - The Brave Ones Premiere Night in Melbourne

Accepting A Film Award
Accepting the PopcornTaxi Award